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Eclipse Edition Red Illuminated Keyboards

Eclipse I, Dark View \ Light View
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Keyboard USB internally illuminated with Red LEDs
Designed to work with PC's,( Windows 98 SE or later, including VIsta) but will work 96% with Mac's (see below)

For use in Astronomy, night navigation, security, gamers or any other uses that require the use of a PC in the dark, and you need to preserve your dark adaptation, or just in dim illumination where it is hard to read the keyboard, or is you just want a very high quality keyboard to use with you computer or laptop

The Eclipse I Special Edition has been discontinued.
It has been replaced by the Eclipse II and we also have an expanded featured model, the Eclipse III .
The II & III are in stock, you can call to order.
This web page will be updated soon to allow on line ordering.

The Eclipse II (Replacement for the Eclipse I)

Shown at high brightness level, can also dim.

Very similar specifications to the Eclipse I. The main difference is now there is a knob to adjust the brightness of the keyboard.
You can also select other colors than red.

Shipping weight 4 pounds
Cord length 6 feet
Power consumption 1.5 watts

You can also order by calling our Toll Free number ( 800-336-9054) during business hours, using a credit card or an institutional Purchase Order.

It is a well made, heavy keyboard of the standard 104 key layout.
It has a detachable wrist rest, big rubber feet to keep it from slipping and flip up legs for tilting the keyboard at an angle.

There is where the similarity with standard keyboards ends.
The keys are black material, and then a laser is user to burn the material off to shape the key legend. Then each key has a red LED under it that shines through the legend.

There are three additional Status LED's; Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.

There are four additional buttons on the upper right side of the keyboard.
Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute on/off, and a dimming control that is used to set the LED brightness to High, Medium or off.

If used with a PC or PC notebook running XP the keyboard will work a long with the existing PS/2 or built in keyboard
It works well with Notebook computers having USB ports
On some PC's you may want to go into the BIOS settlings, peripheral page and enable USB Keyboard support.

Tested with an Apple I-book
Under OS9 most keys worked, but the num lock feature didn't and the numeric keypad stayed in the numeric mode and the three lock key status LEDs didn't work.
Under OS-X The num lock still didn't work, but the three status LEDs worked.
The sound control keys did not work under either OS

There is no disk or software that comes with the keyboard. It is all built into the on board ROM, and when plugged into an XP machine, XP self installs the proper driver to make the volume keys work. There is no way I have found yet to put the LED's under computer control.

Not RoHS compliance.
Limited supply
Manual- PDF

$64.99 + Shipping (6 pounds)+ Massachusetts residents add 6.25% tax

Eclipse III

Shown at high brightness level, can also dim and change color.

This keyboard has all the features of the Eclipse II and many more.
It has pass though cables for your microphone and headset, to help untangle and lengthen your wires.
There is a touch control on the top for volume and media control And color selection and brightness.
There are twelve illuminated shortcut and programmable keys. Six on each side. These will really speed up your work.

Not RoHS compliance.
Limited supply
Manual PDF
Software for Win XP 32 bit
Software for Win XP 64 bit
Software for Win 7 & Vista 32 bit
Software for Win 7 & Vista 64 bit
Sorry, no Mac software

$75.99 + Shipping (7 pounds) + Massachusetts residents add 6.25% tax


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