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Handicapped Access to the Sky !

When it comes to Viewing the Stars and Planets, we are all Handicapped- Without our telescopes we can't see much.
We believe that everyone has the right to view the sky.
We are the leaders in suppling Products for the handicapped community to use telescopes and binoculars

The Dyna Pier Angled, is specially designed for a person in a wheel chair. The Floor plate is designed so that the Dyna Pier can be quickly set up in a place where you could not normal use a pier such as a parking lot or public area

Dyna Pier Angled and Dyna Pier Quick Mounting Flush Floor Plate
A single person can set up an observing site in just a few minutes, turning a parking lot into a handicapped accessible observatory!

The Stump Pod is designed to mount on a wooden rail.
If you set the bottom of the rail at 31" the average wheelchair willhttp://www.farlaboratories.com/dyna-hp.html fit underneath it.

A UniMount on a Post Pod or Dyna Pier instead of a tripod, will also give a person in a chair access to a telescope or binoculars.

If you are from an organization that works with the handicapped, please call us for plans and other ideas.
We also offer substantial discounts to originations that work with special needs children and adults.

HATTS Program

Handicapped Access To The Sky

We belive in Handicapped access, so we are giving away Free Mounting systems to organizations that support public Star parties which include handicapped access

The Fine Print

1. Your Organization must possess a 501C3 or equivalent.
2. Your Organization must be located in the New York / New Jersey / New England Area.
3. You must hold at least six public viewings per year.
4. The pier must be set up in a place that has wheel chair access.
5. You must promote your events and include information that you have handicapped access for wheelchair viewing.
6. You must supply us with a letter acknowledging the gift.
7. You must send us a letter telling us why you should get one.
8. You may not cover or otherwise obliterate our name and logo on the pier.
9. Even though you meet all these requirements, you may not get one, as we are only giving a limited number away.
10. This promotion may end at any time.
11. You must supply us with a few digital images of the Pier in use, and allow us to use those images free of charge.
12. and some other legalize our lawyers may add later.

Congratulation the The Amherst Area Amateur Astronomy Association for receiving the first grant of a Dyna Rail for their Saturday afternoon Solar Program on Amherst common.

#2 is a custom made Dyna-Pier Arm model for the Springfield Science Museum's Astronomy Hall

Angle pier

#3 is just waiting for someone to ask.


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