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The Telescope Rail

The Telescope Rail is a permanently mounted wooden rail with many Dyna Rails mounted to it.
It can also be designed for temporary setup, using a sawhorse like design.
This example uses Meade ETX90’s, but many other models can be used.

For Less then the cost of one medium size telescope, you can have a scope rail!
It is easier and faster to set up then a single tripod.
It is safer and more sturdy, as you do not have a tripod to knock over.
More students can view and get hands on experience at the same time.
Makes telescopes Wheel chair accessible, as there is room under the railing for the wheel chair.
You can also have different telescopes, different size eyepieces or different objects for quick comparisons.
Great for Star Parties and other group events

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Telescope Rail without telescopes mounted.

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More ideas to come.


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