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DynaPod 2

Part Number Dyna-2-16

The DynaPod is a type of tripod based on Tensegrity design, in that is uses tension to give it it's strength.
It is made of ISOFR Isophthalic Polyester Resin glass fiber pipe,( which is almost as strong as carbon fiber pipe, and almost as light weight as carbon fiber, but lower in cost.), Stainless Steel cables and hardware, Platinum Silicon and Polypropylene fittings and two Aluminum couplings (can be ordered with stainless coupling, at added cost and weight)
available Summer 2004
Weight- 3 pounds 5 ounces
Height at mounting stud- 47.25"
Temperature range -50 to 212 degree Fahrenheit ( -48 to 100 Celsius) you can use it in boiling water
UV Resistance- High
Chemical resistance-
salt water, no effect (you can use it underwater. The legs can also be filled with ballast for better support and buoyancy)
organic solvents- Good, but test before use.
Acid or caustic exposure- Good except for two Aluminum coupling that can be replaced with Stainless ones
Flammability- Self extinguishing
Carrying weight- 12 to 50 pounds. Because of it's design, how much weight it can carry is based on the level of rigidity you need.
Attachment method- 1/4-20 stud on a 3" disk
Visual and wind silhouette- Low

The DynaPod disassembles to 8 parts. Largest part is 18" long. While it is disassembled, it is virtually indestructible
For ease of backpacking you can put the parts in different places. You don't have to have special space for it.
Assembly list-
Mast section #1 18" x 1"
(4) legs 16"x1"
Head Assembly
cable harness


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