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12 volts DC, 7 Amp Hour Gel Cell

Part Number GC-12-7

Weight 5.5 pounds (2.5Kg.) 2.5" wide, 6" long, 3.7" high with Fast-on terminals
So you are sitting in the middle of a nice dark field and you have nowhere to plug in your AC powered clock drive.
You need an inverter. Ours will run your clock drive, the AC charger for your notebook computer and a few other small items.
It will not run your coffee pot or hair dryer, but it is easy to carry with you. It supplies about 140 watts
The 12 volt gel cell and the inverter, fit nicely in a old lunch box, along with your coffee thermos still in it and will run most clock drives all night long.
Typical synchronous motors uses less than 10 watts. a 12 volt 7 amp hour battery will give you 84 watt hours or about 8 hours of drive time.

You can also plug some things directly into the batter if they can run on 12VDC, This replaces lots of small batteries.
We also have a voltage regulator kit for 5 VDC, if you need 5 volts. We also have aother voltages on special order.
If you want something special, please let us know as we can supply systems of batteries and inverters big enough to run your whole house!


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